Chicago Crochet was created to offer art to the world. With gentle hands, and artistic flair I create fun, unique, and sophisticated protective styles for my clients and the world to enjoy. I aim to encourage self love and empowerment by providing education and support to my clients along their healthy hair journey.

Goddess Locs

The Goddess Loc style is created using a combination of kinky and wavy/ curly hair. The clients natural hair is first braided into box braids with wavy or curly hair attatched to the end of the braid. .Each individual braid is then wraped with the kinkier textured hair to create the iconic natural looking Goddess Loc finish. Goddess Locs can last up to 4 months with proper maintenance. The pricing for this style is based off of the size and length of the locs desired.
Style Bennefits:
- Holds moisture well trhoughout the life of the style.
- Low maintenance
- Easy and versatile styling
- Easy access to scalp
- Locs without the commitment
- Try different color locs without the commitment