Chicago Crochet was created to offer art to the world. With gentle hands, and artistic flair I create fun, unique, and sophisticated protective styles for my clients and the world to enjoy. I aim to encourage self love and empowerment by providing education and support to my clients along their healthy hair journey.


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Individual Crochet Goddess Locs
Individual Crochet Goddess Locs are done using premade single eneded Goddess Locs. To achieve this style  the clients hair is braided in individual braids. The braids are then inserted into the inside of the premade goddess loc using a crochet hook. This style is a great way to get long, luxurious Goddess Locs without breaking the bank, since the locs are premade size and length are not factored into the price. These locs are also much lighter than the tradiotnal Goddess Locs..
Crochet Goddess Locs with Individual Frontal
Crochet Goddess Locs with Individuals in the fornt is a mixture of the Individual Crochet Goddess Locs and the Tradiotional Crochet Goddess Locs style. Two rows of Individual Crochet Goddess Locs are placed in the front of the clients head. After this cornrows are used as a base for the rest of the clients head, and premade Goddess Locs are then attached to the cornrows using a crochet hook.
A Crochet Box Braids
The Crochet Box Braid style is created using premade box braids. The clients hair is first cornrowed, after this the premade Box Braids are attached to the the cornrows using a crochet hook. Crochet Box Braids takes about 2 hours to complete and lasts 3 months minimum. The premade Box Braids are reusuable if taken out with care.